School traffic warning issued

As students prepare for the return to school following the summer break, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is making preparations for road safety.

‘Traffic on the roads is set to increase again this week and all road users need to be responsible,’ said Sergeant Kim Ramoon of the Traffic Management Department. ‘Parents and guardians in particular have a huge role to play in ensuring the safety of their child or children on their journey to and from school.

‘All passengers need to be suitably restrained with seatbelts or child seats and everyone needs to stay strapped in until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.’

Police said drivers should always allow children to get in and out of the vehicle on the pavement side rather than the road side and parking spots should be chosen carefully – do not park on areas marked out for ‘no parking’ and do not stop in the middle of the road.

Officers advise that students should cross roads with care and other drivers should slow down and pay extra attention when in the vicinity of a school.

Many facilities now have 15mph zones in operation during certain times of the day and these need to be adhered too, police said.

If a school bus stops to allow children to board or disembark, you must stop and wait, regardless of which direction you are travelling in – do not attempt to go around the bus.

The Traffic Management Department, in conjunction with patrol officers from each district, will be keeping an eye on all the roads to ensure the start of school runs smoothly.

‘It will come as no shock that roads will be busier in the mornings and afternoons,’ added Sergeant Ramoon. ‘We want everyone to stay safe so give yourself extra time for your journey, allow for delays and be patient.’