Crocodile found near marina

A three-foot crocodile was netted in Prospect Park, near the Harbour House Marina by Fisherman Chris Briggs on Sunday, 27 September.

marina croc

Assistant Director of DOE Mark Orr displays the crocodile caught in Prospect Park.

Members of the Department of Environment and Royal Cayman Islands Police, who responded to the scene, were met by a crowd of spectators cuing up to catch a glimpse of the catch.

Assistant Director of DOE Mark Orr said the reptile appeared to be several months old and could have either been brought here, drifted on a log or actually born in these waters.

However, Orr added that the research team at the Department of Environment were going to have a good look at the creature on Monday morning, (28 September) in order to determine its origin and genetic background.

‘This one may be a member of the crocodilian family and could be closely related to those found in Cuba or Jamaica,’ he commented.

Mr. Orr continued: ‘We are going to take a closer look at it this morning to get as much information as possible about its origin.’

Residents in the Marina Drive area of Prospect Park said they were shocked to learn the creature was found in their neighbourhood but said they were not overly concerned, as the incident was isolated.