Hawks and Bruins shine

Hockey lovers in Cayman must be having a good time of late.

The world’s ‘coolest’ game is in the opening stages of the NHL regular season and local hockey is following suit.

In particular little Gretzkys and Messiers have been shooting with glee as local youth roller hockey presses on.

Last weekend saw the fourth round of the WestTel Youth Roller Hockey League at Kings Sports Centre.

As usual the hockey rink in the middle of Kings was the centre of attention as many excited parents and onlookers gathered for solid hockey action.

Whether it is through dazzling goals, unexpected falls or comedic referee antics there is normally plenty to cheer and laugh about on Saturdays.

Coming into those games the standings showed that competition had been tense and well-balanced throughout the various divisions.

The youngest section (termed Novice for the 8U age group) saw the dms Bruins atop the standings at 2-0 with 4 points.

The Coldwell Bank Rangers were second at 1-1 (scoring the most goals in their division with 18).

Right behind them were the XN Financial Flames with two points and the Walkers Blue Iguanas brought up the rear at 0-2.

In the Atom (10U) division the Animal House Penguins and KPMG Senators have started out unbeaten.

The Eats Blazers and LOM Capitals (who have scored a combined five goals thus far) are just a few points behind.

One of the league’s most competitive and talented divisions is the PeeWee (U13) division.

Traditionally dominated by Canadian-rooted teams like the Canadiens and the Maple Leafs, the leader so far is 2-0 rookie club the Hurley’s Hawks.

On their heels are the 1-1-1 Appleby Sharks, the 1-2 Five Continent Leafs (who have scored the most goals in all of youth roller hockey with 22) and the winless Vampt Oilers.