Young Leafs shoot into contention

In sports high-scoring teams are normally a force to be reckoned with.

Local youth hockey is halfway through it season and already one team has shown it has firepower like no other.

Coming into this week the Five Continent Leafs had scored the most goals, 34, in all of youth hockey.

Under the watchful eye of coaches Patrick Bourque, Bill Messer and Chris Hope the Leafs are 2-2 in the 13U PeeWee division.

They trail only rookie club the Hurley’s Hawks in the standings of the WestTel Youth Hockey League.

Finn Walker (18 points), Alex Agemian (10 points) and Nicole Whittaker (10 points) have been the key players behind Hurley’s success thus far.

Steadying the Leafs meanwhile has been the potent duo of Jagger Hope and Michael Matthews, who lead the team with 15 points on the year.

In addition the club has seen a lot of production from the likes of Aaron Hersant (13 points) and Chris Messer (11 points).

No other club in the entire WestTel league has four players in double digits in points.

Then again the club is no stranger to success in local hockey. Over the years the side has been one of the more stellar teams, making consistently deep runs in the playoffs.

Last weekend saw the fifth week in the WestTel league and featured a premier showdown between the Leafs and the Hawks.

The match was a tight affair that is sure to be a preview of things to come in the post-season.

Looking up to the Leafs and the Hawks in the standings are the 1-2-1 Appleby Sharks (boasting super scorer Tynan Klein and his 13 points) and the 0-2-1 Vampt Oilers (featuring solid player Leon Domladis and his eight points).

Matches in the WestTel league are played every Saturday from 8am to 4pm.