Eco-weekend for Brac students

Environmentally conscious Cayman Brac High School students and teachers will finally get to enjoy their long delayed eco-weekend.

The group will spend three days in Little Cayman expanding their knowledge of the oceans and marine environments during the Caribbean Marine Institute’s eco-weekend next month.

The students are especially excited about this opportunity since last year the trip was cancelled by hurricane Paloma.

‘I’ve always wanted to explore the coral reef, this is a good opportunity’, said one Cayman Brac High School student.

Led by CCMI staff, the 17 students and three teachers will take part in a variety of hands-on activities focusing on coral reefs, mangroves, lagoons and much more.

Activities over the weekend will include snorkelling and swimming, identifying and learning about different marine species, learning marine park laws and what it is like to be a marine scientist studying this fragile environment, as well as learning how to help save the Cayman Islands marine environment.

This is the fifth year the programme has been funded by The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman and CCMI, and this year five separate eco-weekends for public school students have been organised.