Precious pups featured

Doggies Day Out saw pups of all shapes, breeds and sizes converge on The Crescent at Camana Bay for a few hours of fun, meeting fellow canine friends and creating artwork with just their paws.

Picture This photographers were on hand to take puppy portraits and ink pads and sheets of cards became works of pawprint art thanks to assistance from Cayman International School students, who were volunteering their services for the day. Owners were then challenged to get creative as stickers, crayons and other decorations were available to adorn photo frames, sized to display the puppy portrait and paw print artwork.

As volunteers handed out key chain scoop bags, pots of water lined the Crescent so dogs were never far from a thirst-quenching gulp or two. The mix of breeds created much entertainment for owners, as dogs tended to hunt out others of their own kind, causing ‘cliques’ of pugs, shih-tzus and Yorkshire terriers. A particularly amusing moment was created from the meeting of a four-month-old teacup Yorkshire terrier and Guinness, a big but friendly Great Dane.

The Cayman Islands Humane Society was stationed at the event, offering tickets to its upcoming fundraiser Doggies and Diamonds and also featuring a selection of adorable puppies up for adoption. Donations were also accepted, whether monetary or products, to help keep the Humane Society running.

‘Saturday was a wonderful family outing day,’ said Carolyn Parker, president of the Cayman Islands Humane Society. ‘We were so pleased to see so many dogs, of all breeds, attending the event.’

The adorable puppies, brought for the afternoon from the shelter, were given plenty of attention by those in attendance, but were any adopted?

‘One puppy has been spoken for and two more are in discussion,’ said Ms Parker. ‘Hopefully three adoptions will result from that day.’

Other fundraising efforts of the Society went well, also.

‘We are almost completely sold out for the fashion show and have a few tickets left available,’ said Ms Parker. ‘We also received several donations of cash and a lovely scented candle which we will use at the shelter. Our thanks to all who attended.’

It is Ms Parker’s hope that Camana Bay will make the event an annual one, as it offers ‘a great time for kids and animals alike’.

According to Nikki Callender, senior manager of events for Camana Bay, Ms Parker’s dream may come true.

‘[A]fter such an incredible response, and seeing everyone have such a great time, we are most definitely considering making this an annual event,’ Mrs. Callender said, adding that more than 100 dogs came out to play.

‘The event was a really fun way to show, in an interactive manner, just how dog-friendly both The Crescent and Camana Bay are and to actively promote The Crescent as a public meeting and gathering space for the entire community,’ Mrs. Callender added. ‘The arts and crafts, portrait sessions and open-air classic movies shown during the Doggie Drive-In were a great hit.

‘The icing on the cake – or should I say the marrow in the bone – was that some puppies from the Humane Society found homes and the Society also received a number of supply and cash donations throughout the afternoon. All in all, a howling success!’