Pirates celebrated in Little Cayman

Despite the weather, the crowd gathered at Little Cayman’s Pirates Week Heritage Day last weekend.

Las Tortugas Pirates

Las Tortugas Pirates join the fray at the Little Cayman Heritage Day. Photo: Submitted

Even though the float parade was postponed to the public holiday on Monday due to bad weather on Saturday, 7 November, locals from all islands celebrated in style on Saturday night with tunes blazing from local DJ and mix master DJ Matrixx.

As local resident, Courtney Morris, stated: ‘Rain or shine, this is our day and we will celebrate.’

Starting with the $1,000 cash prize domino tournament, teams sat outside on Hungry Iguana’s porch and enjoyed a few good rounds. Winners of the tournament were local couple Mark and Siobhan Scott.

A highlight for the weekend was the wedding that took place at the Little Cayman Beach Resort with steel pan player and teacher Earl La Pierre performing.

The Las Tortugas Pirates crew was also in full force as Captain Darwin and his pirates provided entertainment for all on island. This was a first for the crew and for Little Cayman who have never had visiting pirates before.

‘Kerry Scott, Vaneta Samuels, Clive Samuels and Christophel Stewart of the Little Cayman Committee did an excellent job in the planning of this event,’ said Casandra Hibbert, director of Pirates Week. ‘They were quick to deal with the pending storm and revert to plan B ensuring communications were sent out. We would like to thank them for their hard work but also Little Cayman Beach Resort for providing my deputy and I with rooms over the weekend – for anyone that have not visited over in Little Cayman for a while, the rooms at the Little Cayman Beach Resort are on par with the Ritz and the food was five-star, with excellent quality and variety.’