March sparks season start

The start of a local netball season is always a colourful affair.

Normally an opening parade and rally signal the return of nifty Wing Assists and hustling Goal Shooters on the sports scene.

This year is no different as local netball officially launches its 2009-2010 season tomorrow.

Saturday sees the annual opening uniform parade for the national women’s league.

Truman Bodden Sports Complex is expected to see a sea of local teams and colours from 4pm.

Team registration is slated to begin at 3pm and include all the major clubs and school teams on the netball scene.

An annual event, the ceremony is being put on by the Cayman Islands Netball Association in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports.

As usual a number of prizes are slated to be on offer for the teams (as well as volunteers) and range from Best Uniform to Best Behaviour.