Walk into a cultural wonderland

A 150-year-old dining table, antique sewing machines, heritage corner and Christmas collection are only a part of a fabulous yesteryear display at the Bodden Town Civic Centre.

cultural wonderland

Visitors browse the many Caymanian artefacts on display at the Bodden Town Civic Centre. Photo: Jewel Levy

Collections, Recollections and Christmas Too is a step back in time which brings Cayman’s history alive through exhibits and handiworks by a handful of senior ladies from the Bodden Town Heritage Committee.

These ladies have put together a cultural treat, creating an authentic occasion for all.

Visitors experience everything from authentic collections of dolls to a four-poster bed covered with patchwork quilts made by seniors of the heritage committee.

‘The exhibition encompasses not just only things Caymanian but antique items residents have collected in their homes over the years,’ said Heritage Committee Chairperson Mary Lawrence during the official opening last Sunday.

‘We have so many things to be proud of and it is unfortunate that so much of the heritage has been put down over the years,’ she said, ‘but we need to teach our children the heritage and culture and how our forefathers built these islands for us.’

Ms Lawrence encourages all to come and see examples of Cayman’s exquisite traditional artworks done by the seniors, the heritage corner which has a collection of bits and pieces such as produce, pots, jams, thatch works, bath pans, lanterns, local chickens, washboards, catboats and so much more.

The group is also proud of its ‘Christmas collection of old and new’ display, including items such as handmade dolls, ornaments and Cayman style homes.

Unfortunately Hurricanes Ivan and Paloma damaged a lot of the items that were in storage but Ms Lawrence said a lot of it is still in good condition and has been restored by the ladies in the committee.

‘The display is about sharing our heritage with everyone on the Cayman Islands so they will have some idea of what our culture is all about,’ said Ms Lawrence.

At the opening on Sunday, Bodden Town MLA’s Anthony Eden, Dwayne Seymour and Health Minister Mark Scotland praised and thanked the seniors on presenting such a brilliant display of Bodden Town cultural heritage.

Ms Lawrence welcomed those attending the opening and said she looked forward to many others enjoying the many Christmas items and artefacts on display.

The display will remain open to the public during Bodden Town Heritage Day.

The event is also available for private bookings. Interested person can call Florence on 925-4193, Betty, 916-7046 or Mary on 924-206 for reservations.

There is no charge to view the display, but donations are being accepted to help defray the cost of setting up the exhibition.

After Pirates Week the display will be officially opened on certain days for the general public.