Today’s Editorial for November 26: Keep the roads safe

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service announced Tuesday it would soon begin its Christmas road safety enforcement campaign to discourage and detect instances of drink driving and other driving offenses.

The annual RCIPS campaign aims to send a dual message: that people should not only refrain from drinking and driving, but they shouldn’t let others do so either.

The holiday season brings with it many festive occasions, often including alcoholic beverages.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the holiday season with some alcoholic beverages, if that is what you enjoy and you do so responsibly.

However, drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a car or truck is not only irresponsible, it could be deadly. Thankfully, there are some strict laws against doing so and the RCIPS intends on enforcing those laws.

Being responsible doesn’t mean people can’t go out and enjoy themselves and the company of others over a few drinks. It just means they should seek other forms of transportation after they have been drinking. They can find a ride with a non-drinker or designated driver or they can take a bus or taxi home.

Another option is to drink at home with guests. However, people who host parties or get-togethers also need to be responsible hosts. If their guests have been drinking, responsible hosts will either allow their guests to stay overnight or make sure they get alternative transportation home, even if it means paying for a taxi.

Ultimately, the RCIPS Christmas road safety campaign is about keeping residents alive and well during the holiday season.

All it takes is one drink driving accident – or one drink driving arrest – to turn what should be a time of celebration into a time of sorrow.

We urge all residents of the Cayman Islands to do their part in keeping the roads safe by not drinking and driving.