Gators break up after ripping Sharks to shreds

The East End U13 Community Football League was a great sports initiative for East End.

With the Christmas season fast approaching the league wrapped up in spectacular fashion.

All hands were on deck recently as the top ranked Gators took on the second seeded Sharks in a much anticipated showdown for the East End crown.

In their previous two meetings the Gators narrowly defeated the Sharks 1-0 and in their second meeting ended in a 1-1 draw. As a result most onlookers expressed their uncertainty as to how the game would end.

From the tip-off the Gators took control, moving the ball well and shooting anywhere near the box.

The Sharks did their best to hold off the Gators but Brandon Browning broke through the defense to score in the fourth minute of play.

The Gator supporters, of which there were about a dozen, erupted with joy as this was a good sign. But Browning was not finished after his team’s great defensive efforts in holding off Eric Dixon and the Sharks.

Browning would again find a way to pierce the Sharks defense in the 12th and 14th minute of play for a breath-taking hat-trick at the end of the half.

The Sharks’ confidence seemed a bit deflated but they were not going to give up as Coach Tamara Hurlston encouraged her team to give their best. The Sharks came storming back after only two minutes into the second half as Eric Dixon rocketed a shot past the Gators keeper.

Sharks fans, who numbered in double digits, roared at the sight of the Gators goal holding the football in its clutches.

It seemed as though the Sharks were going to make their run and lead a comeback that few thought might be possible but Brandon Browning would be the bearer of bad news.

The Sharks had a three-on-one break against the Gators keeper and after miraculously saving the ball, a lightning-quick counter attack ensued.

Browning once again would not be denied as he calmly placed the ball in the back of the net with only eight minutes to go in the second half to seal his team’s victory.

His goal guaranteed that coach Donnalee Walton would sleep peacefully that night as her side marched off 4-1 winners.