Trash collection causing a stink

Staff shortages within the Department of Environmental Health have led to fewer rubbish collections in some areas of the island.

fewer rubbish

Only the feral chickens seem to enjoy the fact that garbage is piling up in some places on the island due to a staff shortage at the Department of Environmental Health. Photo: Jewel Levy

The department has advertised for garbage truck drivers, collectors and labourers, but several positions still remain unfilled.

Director of Environmental Health Roydell Carter said he hoped that all the jobs would be filled before Christmas.

‘We hope to have systems back to normal as soon as possible. We’re going through some transitional processes right now,’ he said.

The department recently advertised for staff and is still interviewing individuals from the jobs, Mr. Carter said.

Mr. Carter drove around the island on Monday morning to see for himself the state of the collection services.

In some areas, collections are being made once a week instead of twice a week, and some residents say it is being collected even less than that.

‘Given the urgency of the situation, I am temporarily hiring some workers… We’re looking to hire permanent positions, but in the meantime, we will take some temporary workers from the list of applicants,’ Mr. Carter said.

Unemployed people who have been hired temporarily to take part in a second four-week, government-funded clean-up campaign would not be utilised unless there were among those who had applied for the advertised jobs in the DEH, he said.

The government’s moratorium on hiring, as well as the departure of some staff, had affected staffing levels the department, the director said.