Camana Bay’s quite a catch

Camana Bay has been making a huge impact on local sports.

Among the disciplines that have flourished with its presence are flag football, tennis and basketball.

The latest sport to get a boon thanks to the facility is fishing. With all of the acclaim from a recent fishing tournament the facility could be another venue for the sport in Cayman.

Weeks ago the Camana Bay dock was the site of a weigh station for the ‘Fishing for Community Service’ fishing tournament. Put on by the Rotary Club and Lions Club of Grand Cayman the competition drew over 70 anglers and 50 onlookers on each day of the event.

Many were left impressed with the facility, including Rotary Club Fishing Chairman Robert Arch.

Known to most for his involvement in local darts, Arch is also an avid fisherman having combed these shores for years.

In his eyes Camana Bay is a solid venue now and for the future.

‘Everything worked out well. The place is spacious and it is extremely convenient, especially for weighing as people can stand and see what is going on without getting in the way of the officials.

‘There is a lot of mooring for the boats and, even though there is not a permanent weigh station there yet, I feel it is a great place overall for this and any other tournament.’

Another person left impressed was first Vice-President of the Lions Club Donell O’Sullivan, who served as weigh station MC.

To O’Sullivan Camana Bay represents a different look to local fishing.

‘The location was great because it was just opened and we were the first ones to use it. What strikes me is the great entrance to the dock itself that the public enjoyed which offers a different look for the anglers looking in from the water.’

Located behind the multi-story parking garage near the Digicel store the dock has only been in existence less than six months.

Derek Haines, in addition to his involvement in local rugby and running, serves as a senior manager for Dart Cayman Islands and spoke about the history and use of the dock.

‘The dock was built and finished earlier but it came online in September after making sure it was ready for public use.

‘In the months it has been open it has already received lots of usage. Our tenants have made the most of it as half of the people come to work by boat. At 28 slips it is a good size dock.

‘The tournament was fantastic and showed people could come and watch the weigh-ins and enjoy the atmosphere. Personally I want to see it continue as the dock is great for those purposes.’