Blooms abound at flower show

‘Growing Together,’ The Garden Club
of Grand Cayman Flower Show, was an array of beautiful blooms and a stunning collecting
of creative designs.

Held over the weekend at the South
End of Market Street, Camana Bay, it was interesting to see all the creativity
that went into designing and arranging the various entries.

With all classes open to the public
and limited to amateur growers and designers, the emphasis in the show was on
fresh plant material. Dried plant material was permitted only in design and
special exhibits.

It was a chance for enthusiasts,
novices and veterans, to show off their horticultural design ideas, and
flower-arranging talents.

Garden club members who wanted to
add an artistic twist to their gardening skills presented a number of
eye-catching designs.

 Among the winners in Class 1: Farmer’s Market
category was Betty Dick. Her creative design won her a blue ribbon.

Sheila Mackenzie’s stretch design
of sanseveria, jugi mums and wandering Jew with focus on bold driftwood
connecting two containers with a pushing movement, won her the award of Design
Excellence in Class2: Our Sister Islands category.

An abstract creative design of
anthurium moss, won Iris Chomyn a blue ribbon in the Class 3: Growing Wild and
Florence Allen received a blue ribbon award in Class 1: Nature’s Colours in
youth design.

Berna Cummins, a staunch contributor
to the Garden Club, entered her solandra longiflora cup and saucer vine, which
won a merit and a flowering anthurium won her a blue ribbon first place.

The Horticultural Division is for
green-thumbed individuals who enter their live, potted plants into the
competition as a single exhibitor.

Manuel Dequito was a big winner in
this section. He received the award of Horticultural Excellence and the
Arboreal Award for his deplanchea tetraphylla plant.

Frank Laning, who hasdesigned
flower arrangements for presidential inaugurations and was the personal florist
to President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton now lends his talents to
the Ritz-Carlton as the resort’s Floral Manager.

Mr. Laning presented a number of
contemporary arrangements with tropical flowers and a series of hand tied
bouquets showing how to form bouquets in the hand, tying and dropping in a

All of the bouquets were raffled
off to attendees of the Garden Club meeting.

“I think the garden club show was
very nice, the designs were creative all very inspiring and a good use of
colour and texture,” said Mr. Laning

Robert Bennett, president of the
Garden Club, stated in his message that it was the club’s hope for 2010 to
assist the Department of Environment and the Botanic Park with the promotion
and sale of plants form the Native tree Nursery.