Sharks too sharp to catch

The WestTel Youth Roller Hockey
League played its second series of games last Saturday and once again fans were
treated to some very exciting Cayman hockey.

Both Peewee games were tight
contests with the Appleby Sharks and Five-Continents Leafs coming away with
victories.  The first game saw the Appleby Sharks defeat the Vampt Oilers
6-4 with Andrew Antonysraj being the Sharks player of the game. 

Leon Domladis and Ethan Hersant
were both nominated as the Oilers players of the game for their
performances.  Hersant is one of the new additions to the Oilers line-up
this season, after moving up from the Atom division over the holiday

Oilers’ Coach Dan Etherington
commented on the team’s loss.

“Ethan played great in goal,” Etherington
said. “We gave up an early lead after our team stopped playing their
“break-out” game and got caught playing a little too greedy.  We know what
to work on for next week.” 

Game two saw a nail biter between
the Five-Continents Leafs and Hurleys Hawks, which ended 7-6 in favour of the

In the Atom division the LOM Capitals
closed off a tight 8-7 game against the Eats Blazers with Cameron Galloway
earning the Capitals player of the game for his two points. 

The Animal House Penguins defeated
the KPMG Senators 5-2 in the closing Atom match-up. 

The Novice division had two high
scoring matches in favour of the Coldwell-Banker Rangers and dms Bruins. Both
games ended 9-2 as the Walkers Blue Iguanas and XN Financial Flames lost respectively.

The mighty Mites, the league’s
youngest division, enjoyed their second series of half-court games. The Mites
division will see half-court games until the mid-term break in April.

The WestTel Youth
Roller Hockey league plays games every Saturday from 8am-4:30pm at Kings with
week three continuing this Saturday at Kings.