New arrest and charges in hostage taking

A fourth suspect was arrested Tuesday in connection with a hostage taking incident that occurred earlier this month on Grand Cayman.

The 32-year-old local man was arrested on suspicion of abduction and blackmail.

Tuesday’s arrest followed an arrest in the case of a 39-year-old Honduran man on Monday. That arrest occurred at the Immigration Department.

The initial two suspects arrested in relation to the alleged hostage taking on 18 March have been charged with abduction, keeping in confinement an abducted person, blackmail and assault. 

The two men were previously arrested at
the airport as they tried to leave Cayman.

They have been identified as Wespie Mullings-Ramon, 36, and
Charles Feliz Saunders-Webster, 28.

Both men were expected to appear in
court on Monday afternoon.


  1. As a concerned citizen, I must say I am pleased with the news coming out regarding the recent rash of violence. I commend the RCIP on their aggressive tactics and for taking action against these dastardly criminals. We must effectively announce that crime cannot and will not pay nor be accepted on our beloved Caymanian Island. We are a strong island, we stand proud, and with our collective strength I know that we can push these mindless criminals off this island for good. VAMOS!!!!

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