Youths targeted in work initiative

A new initiative aims to help young
people gain the skills they need to land employment.

The Passport2Success is a National
Employment Passport Programme initiated by the Ministry of Education, Training
and Employment in partnership with local companies and counsellors from the
Wellness Centre. Orientation for the pilot programme starts 12 April, with the
first courses starting 19 April.

Education, Training and Employment
Minister Rolston Anglin noted the Ministry’s research among employers confirmed
that large numbers of high school graduates in the Cayman Islands have not been
meeting basic skill standards in important areas such as literacy,
communication, problem solving and working in teams.

 “Increasingly, entry level positions in the
workforce require higher levels of education and so the government has
introduced Passport2Success as a remedial measure,” he said.

Participants are required to be
actively looking to improve their skills and demonstrate a commitment to hard

In return, the programme will
provide them practical training in job specific areas, work experience,
exposure to employers and career guidance.  
Participants will also earn a monthly performance based stipend, which
they have the potential to increase by reaching certain goals.

Each participant receives a mock
passport, and earns stamps for successfully completing parts of the training
programme. Each stamp tells a potential employer that the passport holder is
skilled in a particular area.

The programme will run for 11 weeks
at the International College of the Cayman Islands.

“The world of work is not an
extension of high school and the aim is for participants to adapt their
behaviour to the expectations of companies; at least understand the way things
work well enough to get through a probationary period,” said Lynne Banker, who
will be part of the training team.

Classes will be led by Ms Banker, a
human resources professional with senior management level experience in
Cayman’s financial services sector.

apply for a place on Passport2Success applicants must fill in and submit a
registration form. Forms may be requested from the Wellness Centre by emailing [email protected] or by calling
949-9355. It will soon be possible for applications to be made online at the
programme website,