New police officers arrive in Cayman

newest police officers have hit our shores

British police officers arrived on Grand Cayman Wednesday.

will work with the Royal Cayman Island Police Service in the investigation of
major crime. The team consists of senior investigating officers, investigators
and specialist interviewers drawn from police forces in the United Kingdom.

team will work alongside local police officers in a combined effort to reduce
incidents of violent crime and investigating both current and some unsolved
Island offences continuing the efforts to bring offenders to justice for serious
criminal offences.

deployment is the realisation of agreements between the International
Secondments Team in the UK Foreign Office, United Kingdom Police Forces and the
Commissioner of Police in the Cayman Island Mr. David Baines.

team will start work immediately at locations throughout the Cayman Islands and
is expected to allow local officers a degree of respite following a series of
firearms related murders, which has placed the service and its staff under
serious pressure. While the majority of the recent serious crime incidents are
detected the ongoing commitment to Island safety and the need for local
officers to progress these cases through the courts has made the imperative for