Letters to the Editor: Give generously to Lions Club

those of us with healthy eyesight, it’s easy to take it for granted. We tend to
forget that when people lose their sight, they forego the everyday pleasure of
viewing the world around them. But their families, friends and the community
lose something as well, as the emotional and physical effects of the blind are
far reaching.

so, as we join the Lions Club of Grand Cayman for White Cane Week this year, it
is fitting that we pause to think about the value of healthy eyesight and how
we can help take care of it for ourselves and others. One way we can be part of
the solution is by supporting the Club’s annual campaign to preserve sight and
promote eye care in the Cayman Islands.

Lions Club of Grand Cayman has been a steadfast partner for years and I thank
its members for promoting community awareness, and for making available much
needed eye-care resources.

1974, Lion’s Club members have been providing our school children with annual
sight-screening programmes, offering eye examinations, surgery and glasses to
those who cannot afford the cost. The Club established the Lions Eye Clinic at
the Cayman Islands Hospital, and yearly the members mark White Cane Week with
an information campaign, advocating the importance of eye-care.

eye exams are crucial to maintaining healthy vision and can often detect major
medical problems in the early stages of development, such as diabetes and high
blood pressure. Having annual eye exams should be as routine as having a dental
checkup every six months.

is indeed a blessing. And so I ask everyone to support the Lions Club of Grand
Cayman’s effort by giving generously this week, so the Club can continue to
deliver vital eye-care services to our community.


of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture