Sharks eye Hawks

Kings Sports Centre hosts the next
round of youth hockey this Saturday 15 May.

The WestTel Youth Hockey league
sees all of its various divisions in action throughout the day. Up first is the
PeeWee (13U) kids as the Appleby Sharks tangle with the Hurley’s Hawks at 8am
before the Five Continent Leafs face the Vampt Oilers at 9am.

Appleby are second at 4-3 and are
hoping to beat third place Hurley’s while seeing last place Vampt upset 5-2
Five Continent. To beat the Hawks Appleby will need a big showing from leading
scorer Josiah Derkensen (27 points) and Tynan Klein (17 points).

Up next are the Mite (6U) kids as
the Maples Stars battle the Conyers Canucks at 10am. Dart Ducks take on the
Deloitte Wild at 11am. The standings and other statistics are not kept in this

At noon the Coldwell Banker Rangers
face the XN Financial Flames in the Novice (8U) league. At 1:15pm the dms
Bruins face the Walkers Blue Iguanas. The standings are packed as the top three
teams are separated by less than a game in wins.

The Atom (10U) kids are next as the
Eats Blazers face the KPMG Senators at 2:30pm while the LOM Capitals face the
Eats Blazers at 3:30pm.

Eats’ double-header could be a momentum
shift as the Blazers and the Animal House Penguins sport identical 4-2-1 records
atop the standings.

To make it through Saturday Eats
will need star showings from scoring duo Jered Holmes (15 points) and Kai
Robinson Allard (12 points).