Readers share their World Cup opinions

many readers know the Cayman Free Press World Cup feature appeared on Tuesday,
8 June. By and large all of the major topics were covered from the star players
to past winners to the group stages.

that feature people from eight of the competing countries gave their opinions
on who would win and how their countries would do. However the Compass Sports
department was able to contact four other people representing Japan, Serbia,
Nigeria and Mexico. One of them was Minori Honda.

might ring a bell to readers as one of the key acquisitions for the PWC
Scorpions co-ed softball team that broke a two-year losing streak. The Japan
native has an interest in football though his hopes are not too high for his

don’t think that Japan can make it past the group stage,” Honda said. “Most
likely, I will be watching the games at Dog House in Grand Harbour. I think
that Brazil is going to win the World Cup.”

are a growing sector of the Cayman community and like his compatriots Mivoj
Djordjic has a passion for football. With the likes of Nemanja Vidic leading
the team, Djordjic feels Serbia can win a fair amount of games.

will be first in its group and will reach the semis though we will lose to
Spain,” Djordjic said. “I hear some bars will be open early, but I haven’t
picked the place yet. The Serbia matches I will watch at the pub for sure while
other games I might watch at home. Spain will win it all – they have
world-class players in each position and on the bench, but more importantly as
a unit they are magnificent, even when they are missing star players.”

teams might be hard-pressured to advance out of the group stages but the likes
of Nigeria should not be lacking in support. As Nigeria native Haleemah Harling
states she is hoping for surprises from the Super Eagles.

just might be toast. It all depends on how we do against the other two teams in
our group because our defence might suffer against Argentina,” Harling said.
“Messi is a very good player but if we do well against the Greeks and South
Korea we might be fine. I’ll be watching the matches that I can at The Office
especially seeing as they’ll be serving breakfast!

think Spain will win the World Cup but I am hoping Nigeria will pull something
out of the bag and surprise me.”

team that has a favourable draw and could advance far in the World Cup is
Mexico. With the likes of Giovani dos Santos leading El Tri, Mexicans like
Paola Juarez feel confident of a strong showing. “I think Mexico will pass the
first round,” Juarez said. “I’ll be watching matches in Legendz because it is
very close to the Ritz-Carlton and I will have to run to work. If Mexico don’t
win it, then I think Germany have a good chance, though Spain might give

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