Little Ovechkins will now travel to make their mark

roller hockey experienced one of its most progressive months this past May.
After having a three-week break in April, both the youth and adult players
stepped up their game for the playoffs and finals. Just for good measure the
league also hosted the third annual Inter-School Hockey Tournament, which saw
both Cayman International School and St. Ignatius emerge victorious.

latest players to call it a day were in the WestTel Adult Roller Hockey League.
The Barracudas and CDMS Islanders set Cherry Cup history by putting on the
ultimate underdog best-of-three championships, with the Barracudas emerging
victorious in three matches.

the spring season now in the rear view mirror, the Cayman Islands roller hockey
travel team is looking to make its mark in Cayman history as it travels to
South Florida to play in an international hockey competition this weekend. The
team line-up is made of players representing the Peewee age division including:
Jean-Louis Beaudet – Captain, Jagger Hope – assistant captain, Finn Walker,
Nicole Whittaker, Alexander Agemian, Mack Moser, Michael Matthews, Aaron
Hersant, Alexander Wilkins, Ethan Hersant, Jacob Whewell and Sean Whewell, the
team goaltender.

coaching crew includes adult players Ryan Vanderwal, Dan Etherington, Chris
Anton and Ray Singh (who is also the team manager). The team will be playing
four exhibition games over the weekend. Singh said the team’s upcoming
excursion will pave the way for the league’s future.

truly hoping for a fun weekend of hockey in Florida,” Singh said. “The kids
have worked extremely hard over the past three months training for this and we
hope they do well in the games. We owe a lot of thanks to the all of the
parents and coaches who volunteered their time and resources to assist the team
in its first year. A big thank you to Mickey and Sally Whittaker, Chris Moser,
Colleen Stoetzel, Stephen Wilkins and Julie Alpert for their assistance with
fundraising for the team’s trip.”

towards the rest of the 2010, the league has already started planning for the
fall 2010 season. The Inter-School Hockey Tournament assisted with sparking new
player interest, in addition to the June Learn-to-Inline programme and the programme
is gearing towards another influx of players in the fall.

Champoux, coach of the XN Financial Flames and a member of the CDMS adult hocky
team, commented on his involvement in the June skating programme.

great to become involved with the beginner skaters again after taking a break
to devote more time to coaching roller hockey,” Champoux said. “The Learn to
Skate programme was the catalyst, which enabled the roller hockey programme to
get off the ground and rapidly flourish. Many of the top youth hockey players
on the Island first learned to skate through participating in this programme
only two to three years ago. Although there are many skills required to compete
in hockey, skating is by far the most important. Hence, one of the primary
goals in introducing the children to skating is to make it fun so that the
children can acquire the skating skills naturally through play and repetition.”

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