Sixth robbery in week

Perp swipes cash register in robbery

Royal Cayman Islands Police are investigating a robbery at the Esso petrol station at the corner of Eastern Avenue and North Church Street. 

It was the third gas station robbery and the sixth robbery to occur on Grand Cayman since last Thursday.

Police said around 2am Thursday a lone suspect entered the convenience store at the gas station and demanded money. 

Witnesses said the man was armed with what appeared to be a handgun.

According to police, the suspect – mumbling inaudibly – went behind the store’s counter, took the cash register, then escaped in a van. The vehicle was later recovered on Bodden Road in George Town.

Three store employees and one customer were in the Esso at the time, but no one was hurt.

Just after the store robbery, a woman from Windsor Park reported that a man with a firearm had stolen her van. It turned out to be the same vehicle recovered on Bodden Road Thursday morning. 

The woman was not hurt.

Less than 72 hours earlier, three armed suspects held up the Burger King restaurant on North Church Street Monday night.

Police said the suspects entered the business around 10pm Monday. No customers were inside, but police said a store employee was injured by an apparent blow to the head.

She was treated and released from hospital. No arrests were immediately reported.

Less than 24 hours before the Burger King robbery, two armed suspects – a male and a female – held up the Esso Tiger Mart on West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach around 1.20am Monday. No one was hurt, and suspects got away with some cash.

On Friday evening, two masked men wielding machetes entered Tortuga Discount Liquors in Pasadora Place and threatened staff before they also got away with money and some other items.

Last Thursday the Red Bay Esso was held up by two armed males; that heist was preceded just seven hours earlier by what was believed to be a group of three teenage girls who robbed the Domino’s Pizza around 2pm. The teens were said to be carrying machetes.

No one was hurt in the Friday or Thursday robberies.


  1. Do you not think that maybe this increase in crime is related to the leniency that is afforded to Cayman nationals for crimes? That is the rumor amongst ex-pats. It would be an interesting exercise by the Compass to do a study on crimes vs sentences and see just how easy the system is on Nationals.

    Squash the rumor or fix the problem.

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  2. Ridiculous!

    The 6th???

    Come on Commissioner! You are given 300 plus officers to make a difference! We do not want to hear about we need more officers from UK and elsewhere!

    Buckle up and run the service the way it should be run!

  3. Get it together Cayman. Do you have any idea how horrible this is for your island? The island is a little blip in the middle of the ocean where the only way on or off is by plane and you have big city crime problems-these crimes levels are unacceptable. You need to go green and recycle all of government and the police force and put people in charge who can actually solve the problem. Disgraceful.

  4. This seriously cant be happening.
    & to hear that young teenage girls are a part of this stupid may show that parenst have to do something about their kids or they need to set a better example for them. I am a 16 year old girl myself and I feel because of all this, people are getting the wrong impression on teenage girls.

    This is my opinion, feel free to disagree or agree (:

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