Solar phone is here

Cayman’s first solar-powered phone
is one of two new Digicel now available for residents of the Cayman Islands.

“Preparation is very important for
the Cayman Islands due to our location within the Northern-Atlantic region and
history of hurricane threats,” said CEO of Digicel Cayman Victor Corcoran.

“Digicel recognizes the importance
of being able to make contact with loved ones and business partners and we
continue to be committed to providing affordable means to ensure that our
customers can remain in contact before-during-after any hurricane.”

The Coral Solar 200 phone, which
costs $79, is powered by a built-in solar panel, and offers up to 3 hours in
talk time a range of standard phone features.

In addition, users of other brands
such as Blackberry, Samsung, and Motorola can now purchase external solar
chargers that can be used for any make or model of phones.   

‘Digi-Info’ is another service
provided by Digicel which offers the latest updates on weather systems in the
Cayman Islands and Tropical North Atlantic and Caribbean Hurricane Basin. After
texting the word “STORM” to 4636, Digicel users will receive a SMS text message
with bulletins on weather developments. 
Digi-Info is available to both prepaid and post-paid phones.

In Cayman, Digicel provides
hurricane support by supplying free handsets and call time to emergency
response teams, as well as supplies of food, clothing and generator power.  Digicel has also invested over US$1.5 million
after Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and sourced and matched public donations through
affordable short-code SMS texting campaigns after Hurricane Paloma in 2008.

For more information call 623-3444.


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