Digicel’s final fling for two

a World Cup final for millions is only a pipe dream, but two lucky Cayman
residents will be sitting in the finest seats at Soccer City, Johannesburg, on
Sunday, thanks to Digicel.

telecoms giant held a World Cup competition, and the two grateful winners fly
out Thursday to enjoy the biggest match in sport on a fabulous all-expenses
paid trip.

Tuesday, before the semi-finals were played, Victor Corcoran, Digicel Cayman
CEO, said:  “This is the best prize I’ve
personally given out and must be one of the best prizes Digicel have ever
given. It’s going to be a final that nobody ever expected, but it should still
be a stunning occasion and hopefully it will be a great game of football and if
the Germans make it through, we’re guaranteed to see a lot of goals.

had a stunning response from the promotion. We have a lot of loyal customers
out there who have been with us over the years and I’d like to thank them for
their continued business, and hopefully they’ve enjoyed this promotion and
we’ve got a few more coming up over the summer.”

Elaine Bogle-Taylor, beamed: “This is my very first World Cup final. It’s very
exciting for me. There have been a lot of surprises, and football is like that,
isn’t it? You can never tell before a match just who will win.”

is not worried about the ear-splitting noise of the plastic horns, aka
vuvuzelas. “People get caught up and just join in and use ear plugs. I may get
a vuvuzela as a souvenir, but I don’t think I’ll quite blow it.

friends and family are very jealous, especially my son, who is a great football
fan. He would have accompanied me had he not been changing countries and
couldn’t fit it in.”

other winner, Linda Key, said: “I’ve absolutely loved this World Cup. It was
surprising who got through to the semi-finals. I was supporting the South
American teams, Brazil in particular, but that didn’t happen.”

was born in the UK, grew up in Jamaica and has lived in Cayman since 1991. “The
thing I’m looking forward to most in South Africa is the atmosphere. The noise
and just being at the final will make it a trip of a lifetime.

disappointments are that my favourite teams didn’t go through, but Germany has
played very well. Their precision passing is marvellous. The highlight is, of
course, the trip and everything that Digicel has put on for us. This will be my
first trip to South Africa and I have family there and I’m hoping to see them.
Digicel are really looking after us, so I’m looking forward to the whole trip


Lucky winners. Bogle-Taylor with Digicel’s Corcoran and Key.
Photo: Ron Shillingford