41 sent home in Immigration Amnesty

The Immigration Department’s July
amnesty programme has led to the departure of 41 people through Monday,
according to government officials. 

So far, the longest overstayer
identified by the programme had been living in Cayman for more than 12 years.

Immigration officers are
encouraging other people who are overstaying or working without valid permits
to take advantage of this opportunity to depart the country without being

The amnesty ends on 1 August.

Those who have departed under the
amnesty thus far range in age from six months to 80 years.

Of the total 41 departures, 15 were
from Jamaica, nine were from the United States, and three each from South
Africa, India and Nicaragua. Also, one national of each of the following
countries has departed: Britain, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guyana, Honduras,
Panama and the Philippines.

Only one employer has cancelled a
work permit so far, immigration officers said. 
Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Gary Wong said companies employing
illegal residents should take advantage of the amnesty. 

“This practice may affect the
future standing of their companies, as well as their applications to obtain permits,”
said Mr. Wong. “There may also be implications relating to their business

Upon the conclusion of this month’s
amnesty, the enforcement section will be working to identify and arrest

Because of the suspected number of
‘work permits of convenience’ – those for individuals who have no, or irregular,
work offered by the permit holder – the department will also be checking to
ensure that employees’ pension and health insurance premiums have been paid.

For more information, call 244-2028
or visit the Department of Immigration on Grand Cayman or the District
Administration Building on Cayman Brac.