Beach monument honours beautification donors

Bodden Town residents and passing
motorists have been wondering about the cement structure being constructed on
the Coe Wood Pubic Beach.

The Bodden Town Action Committee is
putting up a monument in honour of 45 donors for their assistance in
beautifying the district of Bodden Town in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan in

“The monument will hold a tile for
each individual sponsor, the result of a promise to donors after the 2007
fundraising campaign Buy a Tree for Bodden Town was extremely successful and
the committee, with the support of Bodden Town MLAs, raised approximately
CI$80, 000,” said Marleine Gagnon, chair of the Bodden Town Action Committee.

She said the money was used to buy
and plant more than 200 trees on the beach, along the main road in the
community, and to paint several houses along the main road. New ‘Welcome to
Bodden Town’ signs were also bought and placed at each end of the district.

During the fundraising campaign, Ms
Gagnon said, committee members discussed placing individual plaques under each
tree to acknowledge each sponsor for their participation. Many of the sponsors
are residents of Bodden Town. “However, after planting the trees, the team
realised this would be quite challenging and so sought an alternate solution to
ensure sponsors received the recognition they were promised.

“After considering several options,
the committee contacted government and proposed that the plaques be
incorporated into the new development at the public beach in Bodden Town. This
would ensure that the sponsorship plaques would receive clear visibility in a
central and frequently visited area,” said Ms Gagnon.

She said the proposal was well
received and the committee met with Jonathan Jackson, general manager of the
Recreation, Parks, & Cemetery Unit, to discuss improvements to the beach
area. Both parties agreed a sitting area would benefit all members of the
community and would add to the overall beautification of the public beach.

According to Mr. Jackson, his unit
volunteered its service to assist with the construction of the structure.

“Many individuals in the community
contributed their time and efforts to improving the town. The monument, trees
and improved beach are a reminder that when we all get together, we can make
wonderful things happen,” said Ms Gagnon. “The Bodden Town Action Committee is
very proud of the work and couldn’t be more delighted at the progress.”

Once the project is completed, an
opening ceremony will be planned and all residents will be invited to attend.
Ms Gagnon said donors have to be contacted about names, and the unveiling
should take place sometime before Christmas.

BTAC is a not-for-profit group made
up of community volunteer members.  For
more information, contact [email protected]


The monument being constructed on the Bodden Town Coe Wood Beach will list the names of donors who contributed to the sponsor a tree campaign.
Photo: Jewel Levy