Letter to the Editor: Put an end to crime

To all the good people living here
on Grand Cayman, I have written about eight letters now telling you about a lot
of things that I see going on here in the Cayman Islands; about bad leadership,
crime, wasteful spending and carelessness in our political sector, police
department, parents and children, Bodden Town left out, outsiders and their
role here in Cayman and more.

But most of all I try to hammer our
leaders to put in place some good trade schools. But as always, they do not
have any good ideas for Grand Cayman’s children and don’t want any Caymanian to
give them any. Look, watch and listen you see now.

Females that have left school and
cannot get any job have now joined the ranks of robbery.

I warned the leaders in my letter
about the crime wave. Well you can expect worse to happen here; I don’t want to
see our Island have such a bad name worldwide like so many other places out
there in the world that it scares people from coming here. After all, tourism
is the main bread and butter to these Islands. But once again our so-called
leaders are not trying to put things in place for our people that would head
off this civil unrest that is coming faster and faster each day.
They are still too busy taking trips and wasting our money on foolish things.
They want the newspapers to print what they see as good, but let us all get
real here on Cayman; freedom always for my people and freedom of the press. As
we always say, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Now let us get it straight. I do
hate the way crime is going on here in our little Island. And more children
will be out of school and looking for a job. To all that can hire the school
leaving children, please do so for if they are left to wander around Cayman, they
will get in trouble, pregnant or worse – dead.

Please come together PPM and UDP
and all the people on Grand Cayman and try to make Cayman the place we all can
be very proud to say we are from worldwide with more peace and love instead of
strife and war and teardown of each other.

Only tear down what is bad for all
the people. Now before I finish writing this, I found out that another young
Caymanian lost his life; for what? Don’t you all understand that there are
things going on wrong on this Island against the young that is turning even the
so-called good children in the direction of crime. Poor people, hungry people,
deprived people, scared people, people with little education, with guns will
make life harder for all of us.

Many of them see life now with
nothing to lose. There is no quick fix to this for it took its time to come to
Grand Cayman.

So my good Cayman people, we can
expect anything in the near future signalling our great change. Remember a
first in Cayman’s history that a 4-year-old child was shot to death. Even the
great city of Rome fell.

Caymanians get together; talk about
it together. Have your own family meetings, gather with your neighbours and
help to turn bad into good. Help the leaders of Grand Cayman with your input
and try to head off this downward spiral I see happening in Cayman for the
betterment of us all.

Emile S. Levy


  1. Having written and had published, the same message, I just don’t know if the people of Cayman really realize the message that is being portrayed of what is happening there. In paradise where at one time, there was never a safer place. That is far from the message that is coming across the water…people that once went there will not go there now, and once that message starts, believe me it is not good….If you don’t all come together and fight for your basic values that you always held dear, it will be too late for everyone’s betterment of life….you can’t just talk about it, you must ALL step up to the plate and do SOMETHING….from the businesses, to the people….
    to the government..PLEASE !!!

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