Cloud computing helps smaller businesses

Digicel Cayman and Ignition’s
Virtual Office Cloud computing solutions are offering a way for small
businesses to access the latest software and run their own applications without
incurring the cost of buying and maintaining expensive equipment or worrying
about software upgrades and security issues. 

The Digicel cloud computing
solution features the latest version of Microsoft Office Exchange and
SharePoint, as well as hosting the clients’ core applications, such as
accounting or industry-specific core applications.   Disaster recovery is built into the architecture
of the service by default. All the applications are housed in a secure
off-shore “bunker” so they can be securely accessed from anywhere, anytime, via
an Internet connection.

“We are always looking to ensure
that our customers benefit from the best value, the best network and the best
service,” said Victor Corcoran, chief executive officer of Digicel Cayman.

“The introduction of the Ignition
IVOC solution …will provide customers with a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their
communication and computing needs.”

Graham Pearson, chief executive
officer of the Ignition Group, said the cost savings are significant. 

“The customer only pays for what
they use on a monthly basis – with zero capital expenditure and no hidden
support costs,” he said.

“The move toward cloud computing is
rapid and is a perfect solution for Cayman.”

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