Not your grandmother’s bingo

iBingo helps raise money for Haiti

Gone are the days where the silence
dominates the air in bingo halls as the crinkles that fold just beneath the
eyes crease even further as they search for that elusive B-4. 

Bingo found temporary residence in
a more current space at the Dog House, Grand Harbour, this past Wednesday, 25
August in the form of Team Cayman for Haiti’s latest activity to help raise
funds so the team can build homes for displaced families in Haiti this

Among those that made the event a
true success was the operations manager of the Dog House, John Mack. 

“When Taura reached out to us as a
possible venue for the Haiti fundraiser, iBingo, we jumped at the opportunity.
As a neighbourhood restaurant we strongly believe that it is our responsibility
to give back whenever the chance arises and being a part of a great charity
event like this was a no-brainer for us,” he said. 

Having a family friendly venue that
provided both the space and resources to facilitate this event was just the
start of setting the tone and creating the environment for everyone to come out
and support in what proved to be a sell-out event with close to 300 people in

There was an overflow of families,
couples and groups of friends that could be found sitting or standing inside
and outside the Dog House. Table tops and bar counter space usually visible
were covered by Bingo play cards, baskets of 25-cent chicken wings, cold drinks
and hands with pens ready to mark off the next number that would secure a sure
callout of “bingo”.

As prize values averaged at least
$25 for each game, there was a constant stream of new players registering for
upcoming games, while other players scanned multiple play cards that were only
$1 each to see if the numbers called out by the host, Ben Maxwell from Vibe
98.9, would lead to a lucky win of a couple of Atlantis Submarine rides, or
entry to the new Cayman Motor Museum and some players really got lucky with the
solar powered coral phones provided by Digicel.

After a little over two and a half
hours of bingo playing antics, the crowd was warmed up and ready for some
serious iBingo games where the goal was to get all the squares on their play
cards called out, also known as a complete blackout or a full house. While one
player was seen buying almost $100 worth of iBingo play cards, it was actually
his accompanying partner, Ashleigh Leeson, who scored big with only one of her
three play cards that won a grand prize, an iPad worth several hundred dollars.

With the staff of Butterfield
coming out with family and colleagues to help support Team Cayman for Haiti, it
didn’t take long for Butterfield employee, Yolanda Miller in the treasury
department to win the other grand prize of an iPod worth almost $200.

So as the evening came to a close,
the prizes were awarded, the cheap and tasty chicken wings consumed and the
last gulps of refreshments taken, the buzz began as to how much was raised and
when the next iBingo games would be hosted, it was obvious that from start to
finish this was a successful event for everyone involved and with over $4,000
raised in one night and judging from Mr. Mack’s enthusiastic commitment toward
Team Cayman for Haiti, “Given The overwhelming success of the event, we are
looking forward to working with Taura and the rest of Team Cayman for Haiti
again very soon,” there will definitely be more bingo in the very near future.

For more information on Team Cayman
for Haiti’s upcoming events or details on how to support this group in Haven’s
Build it week, visit the Facebook Group page Team Cayman for Haiti or e-mail [email protected]


  1. To tunaking.

    Do they take a person’s money to play bingo. Yes.

    Does the person who is giving their money to these bingo organizers hope to win more money through a game of chance. Yes.

    Then it IS gambling. There is no technically about it.

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