Taking care of business

Digicel Business has experienced
strong growth in the last 18 months in spite of tough economic circumstances.
Then again, the growth could in fact be linked to companies re-evaluating their
telecommunications needs.

“Clients who in the past were not
under as much pressure to address costs in certain areas now are looking at
whether they have an alternative,” said Brian Hurley, head of business sales.

The business division of Digicel
Cayman first gained a foothold in the corporate sector when Digicel took over
Cingular’s operations in the Caribbean.

Originally only a provider of
business GSM service, Digicel Cayman expanded their offerings over time to a
point where the company now has a business solutions focus.

New products and services

This shift has meant that a number
of new products and services have been rolled out recently. According to Mr.
Hurley, it is vital for the company to introduce new products without impacting
on customer satisfaction or service.

“We want to ensure that when we
roll out a product we make it as successful as possible while not jeopardising
customer service. The challenge is always to ensure that your customers are
happy and at the same time to marry that relationship with bringing new
services to market,” he said.

One of the changes the company has
noticed is a shift in the corporate and small- to medium-enterprise market to
companies preferring to own their telecommunications equipment rather than rent
the legacy equipment they currently use.

“We will be partnering with Cisco
on a lot of their product lines, so we’re giving customers in Cayman an
opportunity to purchase new, cutting-edge Cisco equipment at a cost that often
works out considerably lower than what they were paying to rent their old
legacy equipment,” said Mr. Hurley.

Additional staff

The shift in focus required the
addition of new staff to the business, as well as training for the existing
staff. This necessitated the introduction of team members who come from an ICT
or business solutions background. According to Mr. Hurley, two years ago
account managers would be discussing cell phone and fixed voice services only
with customers.

“Now we need to have an account
manager who’s comfortable liaising with an IT manager to discuss network design
and to have an understanding and appreciation of what their current IT
infrastructure is so that what we’re providing is not only the right solution,
but is the solution the customer is actually going to get the most value from,”
said Mr. Hurley.

One of the new additions to the
team at Digicel Business is David Forester, a corporate account manager with
the company. According to

One box covers everything

Mr. Forester, the ability to offer
a full suite of services to customers not only offers the convenience of a
single bill, but also offers a better customer service experience.

“Cisco has really done the
unification extremely well. You can have one box that handles all your faxes,
emails can come in, all of your data needs, all of your phone needs, and then
can even link into the mobile network so that one box essentially is covering
everything,” said Mr. Forester.

Although gaining new customers
through new services is an important focus for the company, customer retention
is vital. According to Mr. Hurley, the company aims to keep existing customer
by understanding the challenges customers face and addressing them wherever

“We will often go in to an existing
customer of ours and say ‘We’re identifying that you’re spending X on this, do
you know that we have Y?” Our CFO might be pulling his hair out saying ‘What
are you doing? What are you doing?’ but he understands that that is what makes
our operation successful. For continued and future growth that’s the move that
works for us,” said Mr. Hurley.