Elderly woman dies on dive

Police begin an investigation following the death of a 70-year-old woman Monday morning on a diving trip in Little Cayman.

The female visitor from Texas, USA got into difficulty while scuba diving in the waters off Little Cayman.

CPR was performed by the district nurse, but to avail. The diver was transported to the Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police said it appeared the victim was not travelling with any family or friends. She was later identified as Risha Bove of Lewisville, Texas.


  1. I am very sorry for the lady; perhaps at her age, she might have had a medical before taking a diving holiday?
    But a "victim" she is not: to be a victim needs an oppressor, and in this case, perhaps she alone oppressed herself.
    Too many reported "victims" nowadays, and also too many "heroes". What words do we use when real ones appear?

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