Schools construction management contract awarded

The Cayman Islands government has awarded the contract for construction management for its two new high schools to a conglomerate that includes Dart Enterprises Construction Company (DECCO), McAlpine Ltd., and Arch and Godfrey. 

According to Education Minister Rolston Anglin, the winning bid among five came in at just under $2.3 million – much lower than bids received for the work earlier this year.

Mr. Anglin told the Legislative Assembly that the construction manager expected to be “fully mobilised within the next 30 days”. 

The manager will focus first on the completion of the Clifton Hunter High School and will also seek to complete the initial phase of work on certain buildings at the new John Gray High School campus.

The minister said he also expected the construction management team will focus on hiring local subcontractors to complete the job. 

Anglin said this move marks a critical step forward in the overall
strategy for the recommencement and completion of the new schools project.

“Once a
contract is duly executed, the construction manager will assume responsibility
for supervising the trade contractors and the day-to-day construction
activities at both sites, which will, at that point, be increased to levels
necessary to complete the projects,” Mr. Anglin said.

“This award
will stimulate the local construction industry, as contracts will be let for
various works. It is the intention to sub-contract as many small construction
packages as possible, with the aim of maximizing opportunity for the local

Work on the new schools sites commenced and has continued in
a limited way since January 2010, under the supervision of the Ministry’s
project management team. Mr. Anglin said this ensured work was performed
which was necessary and critical to preserve warranties, protect existing
interior work and to make conditions safe, all with a goal to mitigating costs
going forward.

For the full story, see Friday’s Caymanian Compass…  


  1. Why am I not surprised? Can the Government & McKeeva,PLEASE just stop beating around the bushes and just tell us the truth? Are you selling us out or not? Are trying to slowly but surely transfer ownership? How are you personally benifiting from this? How are "We the people" going to benifit from this, besides having the schools built? What is Dart’s ultimate motive or his just really contributing to our society and economy with not ulterior motives as many suspects he’s not?
    Was there really no one else to choose from?

    Please if you are really true "good" leaders of this country,that the people,(I was not one of those, for good reasons), that voted you all in to lead, please do what you were put there to do and give us an honest answer, without a pile of political jargin. Just tell the truth. I’m not saying it is all wrong if they are going to get the job done properly, but at the same time, it’s clear that its no longer a coincedence, that they got the job.We would like to hear it from the horses’ mouths, why they were the better choice, and who else put in a bid with them and why they were not given a chance?

  2. And great job on the Government’s part. Past governments just delayed and postponed and procrastinated. They’ve chosen highly reputable and efficient companies — the job will get done, on time and on budget — and it’s great that the budget came in lower this time around. No more delays — it’s our children’s future that is hurting by not having these high schools built. It’s not a case of being sold-out it’s a case of completing the job under the best circumstances and at the best price by proven developers who are highly regarded on the island. Congratulations to DART, McAlpine Ltd., and Arch and Godfrey. !!! (maybe they should build the new hospital while they are out there!)

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