Work Permit Board to divide caseload

Attempting to ease the burden on volunteer members and process permits faster, the newly appointed chairperson of Cayman’s Work Permit Board has advised government that the entity will divide into subcommittees to handle noncontroversial permit applications.

Work Permit Board Chair Sherri Bodden-Cowan also hopes that three new administrative staffers will soon be added to the Immigration Department to assist in processing permit applications.

Now, board members meet two full days a week, trying to sort through mundane clerical work, Mrs. Bodden said. The efforts are taking time away from what the local attorney and longtime government adviser on immigration issues feels is the board’s main purpose.

“Where there is no Caymanian that has applied for the job, [board members are] calculating someone’s term limit, checking the file to make sure the position was advertised, checking the file to make sure they don’t have another child; basically, technical administrative things that, in my view, are a waste of time,” Mrs. Bodden-Cowan said. “We’ve got 10 Caymanians sitting here doing this sort of mundane work for two full days a week. That’s crazy.”

The Work Permit Board is one of four government-appointed entities in the Cayman Islands that decides on various immigration-related applications. The Work Permit Board primarily approves or denies applications for foreign workers seeking employment in Cayman. It also handles some applications from smaller businesses for the designation of key employee status for some foreign workers.

Key employee status is a designation that allows a foreign worker to remain in Cayman long enough to apply for permanent residence, the right to live in Cayman for the rest of their lives.

Mrs. Bodden-Cowan said that the three subcommittees of the permit board will handle different applications; the first will consider the grant of work permits where no Caymanian has applied for the position, the second will consider renewal of work permits where no Caymanian has applied for the job, and the third will hear applications to change work permits – issues like adding dependents to a permit in a case of a child being born, for instance.

Hopefully, this will leave the full ten-member board to meet once a week to consider only applications where a Caymanian has applied for a job and not been successful for some reason, or applications for key employee status.

“There is still a place for a lay board…but we reckon on any agenda that 90 per cent of the agenda is the mundane, no issue, nod it through, there is no debate here,” she said.


Mrs. Bodden-Cowan, who runs a local law firm, has told government members that there is a time limit on her appointment as Work Permit Board chairperson.

“What I’ve spoken to the Cabinet about is that I would accept the position as chair of the Work Permit Board only for a period of six months,” she said.

In addition to her law practice, Mrs. Bodden-Cowan will remain the head of the government’s Immigration Review Team as well as the deputy chairperson of the United Democratic Party – the current ruling political party in the Cayman Islands.

To say that’s a busy schedule may be something of an understatement.

“What I have asked them is to try and identify a younger Caymanian attorney who could come in and understudy me and either take over as chair when I leave…or this person would obviously continue on the board, so that there would be some continuity on the legal side,” Mrs. Bodden-Cowan said, adding that the initial board appointed by the current government had no lawyers.


The chairmanship of the Work Permit Board is arguably the hottest hot seat among government’s 100-plus appointed boards. Mrs. Bodden-Cowan has technically never held the position, although she was both chair and deputy chair of its forerunner – the Immigration Board – as well as the chairperson of the Business Staffing Plan board.

“With immigration, everything is very emotional,” she said.

There have already been public rumblings about conflicts of interest Mrs. Bodden-Cowan might have as a leader of government’s Immigration Review Team and also as a manager at a law firm that handles some immigration cases.

Mrs. Bodden-Cowan said local attorneys David Ritch and Sophia Harris have both previously served on various immigration boards at the same time they were members of the government Immigration Review Team. She said if any conflicts of interest occur with a client her law firm represents coming before the Work Permit Board, she will simply recuse herself from the meeting while the case is heard.

As far as political appointments go, Mrs. Bodden-Cowan said it is typical in Cayman for ruling governments to select their supporters to staff various advisory and statutory boards.

She said she thought previous comments made by Premier Bush regarding certain immigration boards not following the wishes of the elected government had been misconstrued.

“From what I understand he said in the House, he talked about immigration boards in general – not one particular board,” she said. “This needs to be clarified.”

“I don’t think anyone is entitled to sit in any of these positions for too long, because you tend to have one view and having a fresh look at it is a good idea,” Mrs. Bodden-Cowan said. “The [board] members, just from my initial meetings with them, feel that they’ve been dealt an unfair criticism because they have…out of a backlog of 6,000 applications gotten it down to 1,000. They’ve worked very hard.”


  1. Ms. Bodden-Cowan in the middle of her statement conveyed to us that KEY Employee Status ALLOWS FOREIGN WORKER to Remain in The Cayman Islands long enough and APPLY FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCE" AND LIVE IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES !!" FOREVER!!

    Well Ms. Cowan you are simply the hand of McKeeva Bush HOLDING THE PEN MAKING THE NECESSARY STROKES to make his quota for status grants in order to keep the UDP government in power! We have to do something about this. This is a blatent statement of arrogance.
    We do not need Key employee status. It is a threat to the people of the Cayman Islands Political control and power.

    Key employee status is a designation that allows a foreign worker to remain in Cayman long enough to apply for permanent residence, the right to live in Cayman for the rest of their lives!.

    Caymanians we are screwed!

  2. It all sounds nice Mr. Bodden-Cowan on the outside just don’t sacrifice quality for quantity in the process, remember every application is different.

    By any board combing through applications in ‘less detail’ as you are suggesting, this will undoubtedly cause additional errors and less accountability in the system, you’re leaving the door open for more criticism of the immigration department.

    When you make comments like, ‘checking the file to make sure they don’t have another child; basically, technical administrative things that, in my view, are a waste of time,’ and abount tasks being ‘Mundane’

    It really leave me wondering where will be the checks and balances in the work permits process, the Cayman Islands people deserve to know that the administration department in Immigration is doing their work correctly, rushing applications through the system isn’t going to solve nothing, if anything it will allow alot of undesirables through the cracks.

  3. A life-long friend who’s just re-located to the USA has told me by phone, that there are now ‘work-permit’ brokers who are Caymanian, working the system on behalf of foreign-owned companies who might run afoul of the WP Board.

    I’m not in Cayman so its not for me to say…

    But if this is the case, how does the WP Board differentiate between jobs for which no Caymanian has applied and job applications from Caymanians that have been simply thrown in the garbage can so that the hiring company and the middle-men both get what they want…

    If a permit is not granted and the fees paid, neither the CI Government or the ‘middle-men’ brokers make any money out of the system.

    When will Caymanians wake up the fact that it is their own people who are screwing them blind ?

    Caymanians are indeed very short-sighted people; every 4 years the same ‘merchant class’ candidates and their little ‘wanna-be’ allies put themselves up for election and get voted into power…

    And every year those same Caymanians are heard crying bloody murder that foreigners are taking away their livihoods and destroying their lives…

    As far as I know, no foreigners either run for political office, cast votes or make laws in the Cayman Islands.

    Will someone, anyone, please correct me if I am mistaken…

  4. Fiery,

    You are correct.

    The new Work Permit Board Chairman, i.e. Mrs BoddenCowan IS A LOCAL ATTORNEY specializing with concentration on IMMIGRATION SERVICES1!!!

    Got the picture now?

  5. Tiger

    Thanks for the update and confirmation..

    Now I understand your aggravation and efforts to inform us of what really is happening…

    I honestly try to be as fair in my assessments and contributions as possible and the right information makes that possible…

    Its unfair to make observations or pass comments without knowledge of all the facts…

    I know the system and people in Cayman personally and maintain good personal relationships with most, despite their professional roles or political allegiances.

    You are most correct in hitting out against what’s going on now…

    What this all means is that the qualified Caymanian going for any position now must be aligned with the ruling political party to stand any chance of getting a job or position available…

    This is the one situation that I have hoped would never become entrenched in Cayman.

    I am educated and raised in Jamaica and have that experience to fall back on when I say to you, honestly, the Cayman Islands was better than to follow the worst examples around them possible…

    Maybe it is lack of experience or education of the facts that the political leaders have chosen to follow the path that they have…

    I believe that we both know what the consequences are and will be for the Cayman Islands if this system is allowed to take root and full control…

    Please, keep up your efforts to keep us abreast and informed…

    Your work will not have been in vain if even one Caymanian benefits from your efforts.

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