Attackers on elderly
‘should feel ashamed’


Two Bodden Town residents, both in their 80s, were injured in an attack in their home late Saturday by men police described as burglars.

According to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, the elderly couple was attacked during a home invasion at the intersection of Carmen Boulevard and 
Shamrock Road.

At about 11.40pm Saturday, police said, two armed and masked men entered the home and demanded money.

Police said the men received no money and proceeded to assault the two occupants. The men fled the scene, possibly in a dark-
coloured vehicle.

Both assault victims were transported to the Cayman Islands hospital where they were treated for minor injuries, officers said.

Those who knew the elderly couple said their ages were 89 and 85; the Caymanian Compass is not releasing the couple’s identities to protect them from any potential retaliatory attempts.

Witnesses said the two victims had been pistol-whipped. However, police later said it was believed that no weapons were used in the attack.

At least two MLAs, Opposition Leader Kurt Tibbetts and Health Minister Mark Scotland, were on the scene of the incident during the overnight period.

“It is very serious to know that two elderly people were preyed upon in that manner,” Mr. Tibbetts said. “They were 85 and 89, you know, that’s their ages.

“Whoever did this should really feel ashamed,” he said.

According to Mr. Tibbetts, the elderly gentleman was struck in the eye and his wife suffered injuries to her arm.

At press time, there were no reports of any arrests.

If anyone has any information on this incident, they are asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS (8477) or Bodden Town Police Station at 947-2220.

The Bodden Town incident occurred just two days after another home invasion in West Bay.

In that case, police said a resident at a home on Sweet Gum Lane told police he found three men standing in his living room around 11.40pm Thursday. All of the men were wearing dark clothes and masks.

Police said two of the men had firearms and the other had a machete. The robbers demanded money, but fled empty-handed.

Two other occupants in the house told police they were held at gun point but nothing was stolen.

An extensive police search did not locate the men.

The two incidents were not believed to be related.


A police officer at the scene of Saturday night’s home invasion.
Photo: Dennie Warren Jr.


  1. This is the beginning. These criminals are getting bolder and bolder with their home invasions. Definitely, the Police has to change their strategy or way of policing. We are not living on an island where we can just have officers carrying a baton and a pepper spray and say its all find and dandy! We have to educate the public more, change police strategy, and pay more attention to our young people; especially, the unemployed. As well… the Commissioner needs to do more better with the local officers. Crying for UK ones to come here… and still I have not seen any positive results.

  2. What a smack in the face to the image of a peaceful lifestyle in the Cayman Islands where thugs attack and beat up 80 Year olds. What dregs of society these thugs are it really takes a savage to beat up on an elderly person. Maybe when they get caught they’ll spend the rest of their lives in prison. Oh, but what am I thinking, this is the Caymans where I’m sure if they get caught they’ll be sentenced to a Time Out and then let right back out onto the street to pray on others. Sheesh I wish the RCIPS and the Government will start to really crack down on these losers. People are so worried about New Cruise Ports and Dumps destroying the island, when in the long run it will actually be Crime that is our undoing. Soon people will be afraid to come while others will be scared off.

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