Slammers pay tribute to Welch

Local dominoes club Island All Stars recently lost a notable player in Winston Welch. With the holiday season approaching the squad wants to honour his memory.

Mr. Welch passed away in a tragic accident prior to a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He had been selected to make the trip and had already purchased tickets prior to his passing. The team subsequently went on to win and stated the victory was in his memory. The side is currently in the local dominoes league and is dedicating the second round of the season (which starts at the end of January 2011) to his memory. The team issued a statement in regards to Mr. Welch.

The statement reads: “Winston was a great guy, a man for all seasons and a great domino player. It was a tremendous honour for him to have been a part of Island All-Star Domino Club (formerly the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Domino Club) for the past 16 years.

Dominoes is a team sport and we have had some tremendous players in our team, but guys like Winston always strived to make his club proud. It was not often you come across a person like that.

“We were grief-stricken after his death and the days leading up to our travel saw us with heavy hearts as we were more emotionally tested than we could ever be. We will always reminisce about Winston and his many mannerisms. We as a team will continue in his honour to do what had bonded us from the beginning – playing dominoes. Winston was a very special person and to lose him was very devastating. However by his passing, it has brought all of us closer and reminded us that we are not here forever. This will help us play harder in the ring – for each other and Winston.”

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