Letters to the Editor: Beach becoming second Trashmore

We reside near Heritage Beach in Cottage and we walk the beach every day.

Occasionally we pick up the few items that didn’t make it to the bin; no problem here.

About six months ago we noticed that the beach was getting neglected. We didn’t see the Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Unit taking care of the beach as they did in the past; therefore, the garbage bin was getting full and overflowing, leaving garbage to be scattered around the beach. Not a pretty site when you consider that this beach is used by residents and tourists alike.

We contacted the agency that was looking after it and we have been told that the budget has been cut and they are no longer able to look after this beach and told us that the National Trust owns the beach.

We called Environmental Health in regard of emptying the garbage bin.

We are told that is the responsibility of the Trust to do that! What?

We contacted the Trust and they put service in place at the beginning. A sign went up with rules and regulations and the people are following the rules by using the bin etc. etc., but if the bin is not emptied as it wasn’t in the last four weeks garbage is again all over the beach; not a pretty site.

Lastly, may I add that the last garbage bin was stolen and garbage emptied on the beach. Shame on the people that did that. If you need a bin go and buy one.

As you can see we have been given the run around on the Island a few times and the garbage continue to mount. Very soon we can call Heritage Beach Mount Trashmore No. 2 in Cayman.

Please, let’s show the public we care about this beach.

Whoever is responsible act upon this and get the 
job done.

Giuseppe and Susan Gatta


  1. if i remember correctly, this is not the first time that remarks are made about this beach, i cant believe that no one is doing something about it, shame on the people in charge of this facility. is this what we have to show to our tourists and residents?
    shame, shame,shame.

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