Church of God Chapel honours police service

The five Church of God Chapel congregations in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac held appreciation services for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. A similar event was to be scheduled for Little Cayman.

Focusing on the valuable service and dedication of the police men and women, each of the pastors encouraged them to continue to uphold high standards and do their job as unto the Lord. Strong encouragement was sent to the members present that the church is in partnership with the police against crime and that together with God’s help, the present situation can be turned around.

Each officer was presented with a commemorative mug. A plaque was presented to the area commanders in each of the districts.

Church officials said they hoped that this public display of appreciation would prompt others to be more appreciative and supportive of the work of the men and women who put their lives on the line on a regular basis to protect Cayman’s citizens and property, and to become real partners with the RCIP.

The members of the RCIP and their families were treated to a meal provided by the churches.

“The Chairman of the General Assembly of the Church of God Chapel, Mario Ebanks said, “We were pleased through this event to send the message to the police and to the community in general that we appreciate our first responders and protectors, and I trust that this event has been a strong encouragement to and motivation for the members of the force.”

Among the government officials attending the service were Minister of Community and Gender Affairs, and Housing Mike Adam; Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks; Chief Officer in the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs Franz Manderson; and Police Commissioner David Baines.


Pastor Tom French with members of the force at the Cotton Tree Bay Church of God.