Fight at education centre

Two male students were involved in an apparent fist fight Tuesday morning at the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre on Walkers Road.

“It appears that the incident… was a fight between two Year 12 boys at the Further Education Centre (at) Clifton Hunter School,” a Royal Cayman Islands Police Service spokesperson said.

“One of the boys sustained face injuries and was taken to hospital,” the police spokesperson added.

Neither student was taken into custody.

A large crowd gathered at the campus as authorities arrived on scene.

The Further Education Centre was established to restructure the education system in Cayman by adding a new Year 12 programme to provide technical, vocational and academic options for students.

The changes to the school system were brought on by a concern about student performance and school discipline, according to a report from the public school system.

The goal was to enhance support for careers advisory and guidance throughout all schools.

The fight was the first incident of this kind to occur on centre grounds.


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