Tourism chief condemns attack

The tourism industry has reiterated its distaste at the reported attack of a visitor on Seven Mile Beach.

A 21-year old US tourist was taken to hospital after he was stabbed while walking along the Public Beach area south of Calico Jack’s at around 11.50pm Wednesday, 19 January.

Acting Director of Tourism Shomari Scott said the Department of Tourism deeply regretted that the incident occurred and that they wished the visitor a speedy recovery from his injuries.

“The safety and security of visitors is our highest priority, so naturally we view this incident very seriously. This type of senseless activity committed against a guest to our Island is contrary to all of the positive results that the DOT and others are striving to achieve in order to grow and strengthen the tourism industry.

“We urge the perpetrators to stop and think about the detrimental effect their actions are having on our community and our Country and we encourage anyone who has information to contact the RCIPS,” said Mr. Scott.

Attack condemned

Other tourism experts moved to condemn the attack. Paul Robinson, marketing director of the Reef, said representatives of the Cayman Islands had heard of the incident while at the Caribbean Marketplace tourism conference in Montego Bay.

“The crime situation in Cayman is being openly discussed and you can’t avoid it. People on-island were calling us at the convention… you can’t market to compensate for crime. Whatever it takes to get that stopped has to be done immediately.

“Going back 30 years, we have always marketed Cayman as the safest place in the Caribbean. When I started at Holiday Inn we didn’t have locks on the doors; you could sleep with the sliding screen there and let in fresh air… we can’t get back to that day, but we can be a whole lot better than we are now” said Mr. Robinson.

Calico Jack’s owner Handel Whittaker told the Compass last week that the incident did not happen at the popular waterfront bar and that they had taken every step to keep their patrons safe, including having five security guards on duty that night.

“It’s very concerning to us. People come here and they wander up and down the beach all the time and they don’t have to worry about predators hanging around for them,” said Mr. Whittaker


  1. We urge the perpetrators to stop and think about the detrimental effect their actions are having on our community
    Get a grip Shomari, do you live in a seperate reality? That was a shockingly naive statement loaded with plenty of sickly sweet PC.
    Can you honestly expect this low level scum to feel guilt or remorse? Do you think theyll walk into the nearest under staffed/under trained RCIP station with hands held high begging forgivness?
    Now that crime has crossed the road and a statistic has been created the decline will follow. These animals will now assume that its OK to attack tourists.
    The rot we feared of our beloved isle has begun in earnest. So the first tourist to be killed will be when?So pleased were focused on cruise terminals when crime is clearly viewed as a non-priority.

    Time to seek safer shores for our children.Who like us are Caymanian and as disapointed as we were once proud.

  2. Well, that does it for us…well never return to GCI after hearing this latest news. Its so sad to have to turn our backs on a place we loved more than any other place we have visited. Guess its time to find a new place to vacation every year…good bye Cayman, thanks for the memories of the last 4 years.

  3. I was not happy to hear about the incident on SMB. However, there are always a few bad apples.

    My family has been vacationing on the East End since the early 1990s. We have never experienced any type of crime or unwelcome behavior from any locals. If anyone can tell us of any other vacation spot in the Caribbean that is safer the The Cayman Island, please speak now. Otherwise do not bash Paradise. We will be back again and again.

  4. We stayed on SMB January 12 – 17 and Ive never heard so many sirens while in Cayman. Its certainly not the Cayman we remembered. Seeing the Police helecopter flying overhead every day and hearing all the sirens certainly doesnt make you feel safe at all. Im not saying that we wouldnt return, but well explore other options before we do.

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