Search called off, boaters ok

Two pleasure boat passengers took an unexpected swim in the North Sound Saturday night after one fell off the craft and another jumped off, police said.

Both turned up tired and wet, but otherwise fine just before 10pm Saturday at a home in Snug Harbour. 

A major marine search operation was under way Saturday night in Grand Cayman’s North Sound after the two passengers went missing from the boat.

According to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, officers received a report around 8pm that two people were missing from a pleasure craft that was travelling between Kaibo and SafeHaven. 

The man and woman were last seen aboard the boat about halfway between the two locations – one of which is on Grand Cayman’s northern tip; the other on the western end of the Island.

The two were discovered missing as the craft drew closer to SafeHaven. 

According to police, during the return trip to SafeHaven, the woman had fallen overboard and her husband jumped in afterward to help her.

The two realised the watercraft was not turning around and decided to swim for shore. An ambulance checked them out later in the evening and determined neither the man nor the woman required medical care. 

A police marine vessel and the RCIPS helicopter were sent out to assist in the search. 

The pleasure craft, which continued to search the North Sound after it realised the two passengers were missing, headed back to SafeHaven after getting word they had been found safe.