Connect with Careers Expo

Keeping in touch with the potential recruits is important for businesses, even during difficult economic times, says the Chamber of Commerce. “It just makes sense,” said Chamber CEO Wil Pineau. “Whether the economy is thriving or stagnant, it is vital to remain engaged with our community and future and existing workforce,” he said.

Mr. Pineau stated that business development includes having the right people with the right training who can grow with the company, bringing knowledge and experience to their industries.

In order to connect employers and potential recruits, the Chamber of Commerce is hosting its Careers, Education, Training and Jobs Expo on Friday, 4 February at the Family Life Centre off Walkers Road.

The one-day event, in its 13th year, typically attracts around 30 sponsors. Businesses that have already signed-up for this year include the Ritz-Carlton, KPMG, Walkers, Maples and Calder, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CML Offshore Recruitment, Stepping Stones, Island Companies Ltd, the University of Tampa and the Department of Environmental Health, among others.

Stepping Stones will offer a series of free seminars focusing on resume writing and interview and workplace skills. Each of these five workshops is limited to 25 people and anyone interested in attending the workshops should pre-register online at the Chamber of Commerce website,

The free Careers Expo is open from 10am to 2pm for students and 2-7pm for the general public.

Businesses wanting to promote their scholarship, employment and training opportunities should contact [email protected] or call 949-8090.

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