Editorial for Feb 14, 2011: Personal initiative commended

Hundreds of people showed up to the recent Chamber of
Commerce Expo on Careers, Education, Training and Jobs at the Family Life

Many of those in attendance were students, some in high
school and some in university. Older people were there, too, armed with resumes
in their hunt for a job.

It is good to see people using their own initiative to
try and shape their lives. Too many want the government to do everything for
them, including finding them a job that pays well, regardless of their skills.

Many people are coming to the realisation that Cayman’s
government simply can’t do everything for its people and that individuals have
to step up and take personal responsibility for their lives.

That’s not to say the government doesn’t have a role to
play, especially in ensuring that young people emerge from school with the
education and skills they’ll need to enter the workforce. Without these skills,
it can be difficult if not impossible for even the most motivated to find
rewarding work, and the young people who attended the career expo understood

However, the willingness to work is also vitally
important to landing a job or embarking on a career. Many of the youth at the
expo understood this, too, as well as the concept that personal sacrifice is usually
needed along the road to success.

There’s no rule saying life has to be easy, a fact that
many people here seem to have forgotten after decades of prosperity in Cayman.

There are those in our society who would have us believe
that all of Cayman’s crime problems are the fault of the government, its
policies, and the education system. This way of thinking has contributed to the
prevalent sense of entitlement harboured by many Caymanians, who don’t want to
acknowledge the role they play in their – or their children’s – success.

But if the education system is so bad, then why is it
also turning out many good students who become productive members of society?
We believe that students like the ones who came to the career expo are well on
their way to becoming just that, and we commend these young people on their

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