Design contest
for shopping bag

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute and Foster’s Food Fair have announced a competition to design a marine-themed reusable shopping bag to be sold at Foster’s.

Income from plastic bags sold at Foster’s was donated to CCMI and has given five students the chance to win a scholarship to CCMI’s annual Sea Camp.

At the camp, young Caymanians would come to Little Cayman and learn about corals, fish and the marine ecosystem of the Cayman Islands.

“In doing this, the students will develop a better understanding of the major conservation issues facing the earth’s coral reefs today,” said Samantha Shaxted of CCMI. “And we will be teaching them about their roles in helping to tackle the problems facing our environment.”

She added: “It’s an investment in the future of the marine ecosystem of the Cayman Islands or wherever our students chose to practice what they have learned. At CCMI, we believe that education is one of the keys to a brighter future for us all.”

The competition opens today, 16 February, and closes on 31 March.

For more details, please collect an application form and copy of the rules at any Foster’s Food Fair.

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