East End Seaport proposal soon come

The developers of the proposed East End Seaport have announced that a proposal will be submitted to the Cayman Islands government ‘within the next few weeks’.

A release to the media indicated that once an Environmental Impact Assessment was complete and findings submitted to the government, developer Joseph Imparato will be holding meetings with the residents of the Eastern Districts.

The developers also clarified that should the planned channel in the North Sound go ahead it was likely that the mega yacht berthing element of the East End Seaport facility would be eliminated ‘in order to avoid a redundancy.’ Repair and service facilities for medium to large-sized private vessels would remain.

So far, no details of mega yacht berthing at the proposed North Sound development have been revealed to the public by Premier Bush.

The statement from Mr. Imparato concluded that the proposed East End Seaport maritime infrastructure project would facilitate five different types of marine-based commercial activities. They include a commercial cargo port, hydrocarbon storage terminal, cruise ship home port, a transhipment point and previously, a mega yacht marina. It is on privately owned land, fully-funded and does not include an oil refinery, read the press release.