Letters to the Editor: Third political party needed

As we have seen in many different countries all over the world, this two-party style of government does not really work. It creates we against them in the country.

And a small island like Grand Cayman does not need that. Look at what we have here for so many years – PPM and UDP with mostly the same players.

If you don’t get elected this time, you will get elected the next time with one that builds up and the other tears down.

This has been the way the Cayman Islands has been going and a stop has to be put to it. For I have seen very little happening for the good of all my people, especially in Bodden Town.

Charles Clifford is standing up for a third party in our country and truly has my support in this and I would hope has the support of many in this country.

It is time for Caymanians to get away from promises and cheap talk, with leaders with big plans that is heard from them for the whole of their four year term.

While our Islands and its people sink deeper and deeper in trouble, we need real good Caymanians in government leadership that listens to the people that do what the people want that are also respected by the countries that protect us and help to take care of us.

We do not need any hard headed leaders that do not listen to the Caymanian people. Take a good look at what is going on in Libya.

Dictator type leadership is wrong anywhere in the world. We have come too far to let anyone in any position pull us down anymore.

Leadership that wants to sell off the assets of the people to help fill their pockets cannot be good for any country and those that take advice from filthy rich people and go against the people should be asked to step down.

A third party in this country can help to keep the other two parties in check and perhaps help to push the country in the right direction.

That good old boy type government is not good in these times. We need real people of vision that can step away from selfishness and greed and know how to work together for the good of us all.

England services and protects this Island and is always watching what is going on.

Cayman is not a G8 country and the leaders must not act like it is. Instead, we must do our very best to work along with England so that our people and our Island can do well, not with countries that are against England and the USA.

We benefit from these two countries, but our leadership and this present government does not understand this.

So before we go bottoms up as the old fishermen would say, correct the present direction this country is now going, which at this time is down.

Plans, talk and a lot of promises that are false can get us nowhere and I must not forget reckless and careless spending. We had a government at one time that knew how to help the people go forward in this country. How many of you remember which one that was? Do not be fooled or tricked anymore Caymanians with the $25 bill or a load of fill or a new stove for your support or your vote for this one of the other. This will only lead to the wrong people in government. In any election vote for the best person to help our country. But do yourselves a favour. Think about having a big change in our country’s political system for the good of our future.

England has said no more money for us at this time. At least that is what was said.

Caymanians, once again united we should stand, because we have been divided. We have fallen at this present time in history. We need to have national unity, so I am asking all that really love this wonderful country to get back to where we need to be; united and love one another.

Perhaps if this is done, crime will stop.

Emile S. Levy


  1. I’m not sure Cayman needs any political parties, let alone another one. There are no serious ideological differences or policy disagreements between the existing parties. Politics here is about personal relationships and self-advancement.

    Our MLA’s have not exactly covered themselves in glory as serious legislators, and McKeeva while having plenty of energy and ambition for the improvement of Cayman, in my opinion lacks both gravitas and judgment.

    Maybe this is just a phase that a relatively young democracy has to go through, or perhaps Cayman is just too small and introverted for a real parliamentary system.

  2. This backwards thinking and preaching is just simply unacceptable and should never be published for the uneducated to even try to absorb.

    There is plenty of forward thinking going here on-island and I can think of one great American phrase that aptly applies here, Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way.

    Rolling this island back 100 years is not the answer. Sorry, get over it. You just want a third party to help gang up on the ruling party, that has the answers you can not even fathom.

    Continue to develop cruise tourism and stay-over tourism and more importantly medical tourism is the future.

    Get with the program locals, the professional expats have and we are here in force to help make this happen.

    Well, unless you continue to boot us off en mass and shoot your whole future in the foot, knee, thigh, I will stop there.

    Bottom-line you have much to gain and very little to lose with some of the key projects being put forward…. Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way.

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