Slick Stuarts aim to slip up Oilers

The Stuarts Panthers may not be a top team in local youth hockey. But the side is causing quite a stir with their recent form.

Heading into this week the Panthers are just 4-10 at the bottom of the Peewee Under 13 league.

However the Logic Youth Roller Hockey League club have a win over frontrunner the Appleby Sharks (12-2) and had a stellar outing against the Conyers Canucks (5-7).

The result is this Saturday’s encounter with the Vampt Oilers has added intrigue. Vampt go into their 8am showdown at the Logic arena of Kings Sports centre with high playoff hopes.

At 6-6 the side is in second place and have one of the sport’s top scorers in Daniel Reid (he’s currently fifth with 33 points).

Vampt has to be sharp to stay ahead of the KPMG Senators (6-8) and veteran player Jagger Hope (fourth in scoring with 40 points) with Conyers not far off with second-leading scorer Alex Agemian (46 points).

Outside of the Peewee ranks, there are a number of interesting match-ups on Saturday 2 April.

The Atom 10 and Under group features the Animal House Penguins facing the WestStar Wild at 2.30pm with the Cedrus Capitals and Eats Blazers skating at 3.30pm.

Eats are under pressure as they are in the midst of a three-game losing streak after going unbeaten to start the season.

In the Novice 8U division the dms Bruins face the Dart Ducks at 12noon while the XN Financial Flames battle Walkers Blue Iguanas at 1.15pm.

XN Financial have been an elite side all year at 9-4 with top scorer Ryan Godwin (third in scoring with 29 points).

Walkers and dms have winning records (6-6 and 7-7 respectively) and are within shouting distance of the Flames.

Both have excelled behind Jabari Walrond of dms (league leader with 41 points) and Cassidy Amesbury of Walkers (second in scoring with 35 points).