Changes ahead for beach parties at Calico’s

The owner of Calico Jack’s on Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach said Monday that – effective immediately – large, wide-open monthly parties hosted at the beach bar-restaurant will be ringed off with an eight foot fence. 

Handel Whittaker said security checks at the fence entrance with metal-detector wands would be put in place and overhead guide-lights would be installed to illuminate darker areas around the beach bar, especially near the bathroom area.

“It is sad,” Mr. Whittaker said in an interview with the Caymanian Compass Monday afternoon. “But we’re right next to the Public Beach…and we can’t dictate who comes on the beach.” 

Typically, the monthly ‘Full Moon Party’ that draws hundreds, even thousands, to Calico’s is held on an open section of beach. But Mr. Whittaker said that party, and any other large events at Calico’s would see the fence put up as an added security measure.

The security changes are in response to another attack – the third in the last four months – on an individual who had been attending the Full Moon Party at Calico’s. 

RCIPS Chief Inspector Richard Barrow said the victim in the most recent attack, which occurred Saturday night, was hospitalised with non-life threatening injuries after being stabbed in the back.

According to police the victim, a 28-year-old accountant, was approached by two men who asked him for cigarettes around 9pm Saturday. 

The man told police that one of his attackers grabbed a bag that belonged to his girlfriend and ran toward the beach. Police said the victim chased the bag-snatcher, caught up with him, and got into a fight trying to get the bag back. 

The second attacker then came from behind and stabbed the man in the back. 

No arrests were immediately reported and then men were last seen running off toward West Bay.

“This incident had nothing to do with drinking,” Mr. Whittaker said. “It was a robbery. This was a fine young couple sitting at a picnic table waiting for the party to start.” 

In mid-February, a man was attacked in the public bathroom at Calico’s during what police said was also a mugging. In January, a visitor attending the Full Moon Party on the beach was also stabbed – although the precise circumstances of that attack have never been made public.

None of the stabbing incidents have been fatal. 

Please check the Caymanian Compass later this week for much more on this story… 

calicos mugging

Police investigate the crime scene Saturday night at Calico Jack’s on Seven Mile Beach.
Photo: Dennie Warren Jr.


  1. How long can articles like this Man stabbed on SMB keep appearing next to articles like this Seven Mile Beach listed in world’s top 10? Not long. The RCIP are brave. Now they need to be armed. Give the police the tools they need to protect the public.

  2. What is happening around this particular place!!!! Someone!!!! CID person’s should frequent this area during the late hours and check the crowd that is hanging around there!!!! They may very well find the culprits( Punks).

  3. With this happening so much at the same location you would think there would be regular patrols of that area with spot checks of suspicious individuals. Why not setup a sting operation with an officer pretending to be an intoxicated tourist waking along the beach and have backup very close by to take these losers down. Maybe the RCIPS and the Courts would look at this as unfair to the crooks since they seem to have all the rights. The right to Steal, Rob and Plunder the people. There must be some kind of Pirates law protecting them or maybe everyone knows who they are but just turn a blind eye because they don’t want to arrest or turn in their own kin folk or a family friend. Just last week the RCIPS stated robberies have lessened, this was just another smack in the face to them, hopefully they will take it personally. But I still think it’s time the Cayman people themselves start standing up to these thugs and flush them out instead of protected and harboring them in their own homes. If you have a young man living in your house with no Job or obvious income, yet he always has a pocket full of money, you must realize something is going on.

  4. It saddened me when planning gave permission for a bar next to the public beach. Calico Jack’s seem to spread out like the public beach is part of their venue. As a member of the public I resent this encroachment. Put a permanent fence along the property line of the public beach to keep separate the 2 properties.

  5. Anyone else find it ironic that the 28 year old accountant who was sitting at a picnic table waiting for the party to start ended up stabbed in the back in Cayman? This says something.

  6. Agree, PJ. This bar is an ugly blight on the beach making a dangerous, crowded impasse for others wanting to walk the beach without negotiating loud, drunken crowds attracting hoodlums.

  7. NJ2Cay

    Your question is a very logical one for which a logical answer cannot be forthcoming.

    Cayman is a very complex and complicated society and a refusal to address these and the underlying problems honestly, years ago, is what has led to the present situation.

    Even now, when a body like the National Security Council should be looking at the overall situation re societal security in Cayman, that is something you will not see.

    What you will see and hear is ages-old crap about segregating the society between haves and have-nots and desirables and undesirables blah blah blah, as if a modern cociety can be so simply stratified.

    There are enough personell and resources in Cayman to get the security issues sorted out first but Cayman’s problem is and has always been…

    If no one ain’t gonna get rich out of it, it ain’t worth doing…

    Seems like only the criminals are getting rich in Cayman nowadays !

  8. I think arming the police is the most alarming suggestion I hear. The police force is not adequately trained or of a professional enough level to deal with being armed. Too many of them fly off the handle in anger with little provacation at the citizens of Cayman and too many of use their position to be arrogant and abusive, add firearms to this mentality and it will be a terrible mistake.

  9. What about more police presence? And Police Dogs. This event not only attracts praters and tourists — but thugs as well who think there are easy pickings. And why doesn’t the Cayman Compass publish their picture and name in the paper when they are caught? Never mind protecting them since they weren’t found guilty yet — just show them as a suspect. 9 times out of 10 you’ve got the right guy. Who are you protecting here — isn’t the welfare of the general public more importunt ?

  10. My wife and I have been visiting Cayman for the past 15 years. Now, after reading about all the crime over the past couple of years, two things are certain. One, we will stay far away from Calico Jack’s; and two, sadly, our trip this summer may be our last trip to Cayman. Until something is done about the crime, we will look for other islands to visit and spend our money.

  11. This is a general response to all the valuable and concerned posters on this topic, both visitors and residents alike.

    Complaining on this forum gives us a chance to vent our feelings and opinions but…

    It won’t bring direct results.

    The government and law-enforcement authorities are responsible for doing all they can to correct and reverse this trend…

    And they all have websites…

    Start a concentrated website-e-mailing/contact campaign with every government agency involved…

    Starting with the office of the governor and the National Security Council and going on down the list…

    Let them know your feelings, voice your opinions and offer positive solutions.

    Pressure of this type brought to bear in the right areas should produce some tangible results.

    Its time for the citizens and residents of Cayman to stand up to the criminal elements now destroying Cayman.

  12. I am about sick of hearing people blame the Government, the RCIPS, Expats and foreigners for the Crime. It’s not their fault, it your fault Cayman, you are the ones who raised these thugs, harbor them in your homes and protect them with your silence. And you are also the ones the refuse to take responsibility for you own safety. It’s easy to blame other people when you yourselves are doing nothing to help. When will the Cayman people rise up and take a real stand against Crime. You’re too busy protesting against Sea Ports, Canals and Developers who are trying to enhance the Island when there hasn’t been one meeting about how the people can help fight Crime or anyone considering neighborhood watches. You chose to ignore all this and point the finger at others this is the biggest threat to your community.

  13. Let me reiterate my point before people start screaming at me, I am not blaming anyone specific for the rise in Crime, but I do blame the people for not doing their part to stop it, and the RCIPS for not being prepared to handle it, as well as the government for not giving them the tools to tackle the job they have.

    Throughout history, when outlaws got uncontrollable it was the people to rose up and took them down. I have issues with people that sit by doing nothing while pointing the finger at others saying it’s your fault.

    I am not a expert on Crime in the Caymans or anywhere, but I have grown up in bad neighborhood and have witnessed firsthand the difference it makes when the people themselves decide to fight back with things like neighborhood watches and running to the aid of someone getting attacked. I’ve plenty of thugs get caught by the residents of the neighborhood and as a result didn’t or wasn’t able to do it again.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around, and in my opinion everyone involved need to do their part to come up with a solution. Born Caymanians, Residents, Expats and Visitors as well

    My issues with the Cayman People is that no one has really taken a stance against crime. Not even the MLA’s have really taken a stance against crime they prefer to rally the people against politically motivated gripes only.

    Show me one community meeting where the subject how we the people can put a stop to crime or protest the need for police to go after these thugs where they live.

    These are just my opinions and are only meant to be taken as such.

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