East End dogs receive 
grooming during wash

The Protection of Animal Welfare Society for the Eastern Districts groomed more than 30 dogs at its third community dog wash. 

The event, which took place on Sunday, 26 June at Heritage Field in East End with dogs of all shapes and sizes getting a good wash from head to tail. 

Several dogs received the full spa treatment, even getting their nails clipped and their hair trimmed by volunteers from PAWSed and the Saint Matthew’s University School of Veterinary Medicine. The volunteers also spoke to dog owners about the importance of animal care, prevention of diseases, and utilising a local veterinarian. 

The dogs trotted away with more than just a clean coat though. PAWSed donated new dog collars to each participant in attendance on Sunday and the group plans to donate identification tags in future events. The ID tags can be a useful resource should a dog become separated from their family. 

According to Giuseppe Gatta, president of PAWSed, the event was a great success. 

“The most important thing is to make a difference in the animal’s life and help educate the community to safeguard their pets in the neighbourhood. We strongly encourage pet-owners or those interested in becoming a pet-owner to take advantage of opportunities such as the dog wash to ensure their pets are receiving proper care,” he said. 

Mr. Gatta thanked the local community for their participation in the event and said the organisation is planning another dog wash for October. 


For more information on the organisation, contact Mr. Gatta at  

[email protected] or 916-1731. 


The volunteers made sure all the dogs received a good scrubbing.

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