Green Drinks 
for the environment

Lovers of the environment have a new opportunity to meet, on a monthly basis, for a few drinks thanks to Mindy Pistacchio who has brought the environmentally friendly social networking group Green Drinks to the Cayman Islands. 

Pistacchio hopes to spread the word to get others interested in the green movement to meet up monthly. 

Green Drinks social networking group has branches in many countries. It brings together a diverse group of people who share a common interest – the environment. 

Right here in Cayman  

 Pistacchio, founder of Green Drinks Cayman, says “People from all avenues, workers at DOE, bartenders, fisherman, scuba divers, get together for a common cause – the environment – to talk, to meet, to network and have a few drinks. In theory, it’s more of a gathering or event than a meeting. It’s an informal way to share ideas. 

“It’s a way for people to gain different perspectives. People who are working in the environmental industry meet fisherman, recreational divers, volunteers and hear their ideas about turtle nesting, recycling, the Blue Iguana habitats for example,” says Pistacchio. 

“Environmental groups tend to be segregated. The folks who want to stop dredging in the Sound rarely meet with the volunteers who search for turtle nests. But everything is connected. The environment is an intricate web, and when one strand is tugged on, the effects are felt by everyone. Green drinks is just a way for all the different groups to get together and socialise,” she says. 

Environmental concerns  

Pistacchio has developed many environmental concerns since moving to the Cayman Islands three years ago,  

She volunteers on behalf of the Blue Iguanas and has interest in turtle nests along the beach, but her primary concern is the dump. 

“There simply isn’t enough space for all the trash we produce. I’m actually from Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States, and Rhode Island and Grand Cayman share the sad fact of having the highest point as the landfill. However, in Cayman, you can see it every day,” she says. 

“The dump is my number one concern in Cayman. However, I worry about the Sound being dredged, the loss of mangroves, the decreasing number of sea turtles, the increasing number of green iguanas, lionfish, feral cats and dogs,” continues Pistacchio. 


Green Drink Cayman is open to anyone, whether you’re directly involved with the environment or just want to learn more. 

“People definitely do not have to know a lot about the environment to become involved. It’s a social gathering. It’s a way to informally learn, if that’s what you want out of it…In theory, the group is for anyone. Obviously, because the meetings are at a bar, it may limit younger people from coming. However, Macabuca is a family friendly atmosphere, and Green Drinks is meant to be a gathering to discuss the environment, not a drinking club,” says Pistacchio. 

For anyone interesting in becoming involved, Pistacchio suggests, “Just show up. … The more the merrier. Meetings are at Macabuca Tiki Bar in West Bay. The next meeting is at 6.30pm, Wednesday, 3 August. There is also a community page on Facebook. To access it, just type in Green Drinks Cayman. 

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